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Hi, I’m Monte Syrie, the creator of Let’s Change Education.  This is me holding a glass apple at the 2013 Washington State Teacher of the Year Award Ceremony. Though I did not win the coveted award that year, losing to the eventual National Teacher of the Year, Jeffrey Charbonneau, I did become inspired to take my beliefs about education to a wider arena.  It’s just taken until now to find the right platform–this blog, through which, with your help, I hope we can change American public education.

This is my twenty-first year as a teacher in public education.  Currently, I am an English teacher at Cheney High School in Cheney, Washington, where I have been for fourteen years.  Formerly, I taught language arts for seven years at Royal Middle School in Royal City, Washington.  Recently, I began teaching education classes at Eastern Washington University in Cheney, Washington as an adjunct professor; this is my fifth year at EWU.

The YouTube link below gives a glimpse of who I am as a teacher.





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