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Ah, Sunshine: Morning Minutes, April 11, 2016


Rested, rejuvenated, and ready to go.  After a much needed break full of sunshine, family, and fun.  I am ready to make the most of it as we head for the homestretch this year.  I hope the kiddos feel the same as we make our way into standardized testing season. Like it or hate it, standardized testing is our reality in education, and to that end, putting our best feet forward and trying to have positive attitudes are essential survival skills for the madness that is spring, which will find our sophomores taking test, after test, after test. And while testing compassion is certainly in order, there remains much to be done in 219, so we will strive to strike a balance with the weight kids must bear over the coming weeks.

This week in 219 we will finally be wrapping up our Holocaust unit with a week-long performance task, which requires the kids to determine whether or not the Nazi soldiers should be held responsible for their actions during the Holocaust. The kids will take into account not only the various content over the course of the unit but also new sources primarily centered around the Nuremberg Trials at the end of WWII. Today they will view a documentary on the Nuremberg Trials, looking for evidence that supports or refutes their positions.  Modeled after the SBA (Smarter-Balanced Assessment), our state test, this performance task not only assesses key skills and concepts from the unit but also gives the kids a trial run of what they will be expected to do next week when they take the SBA. Gonna be a long two weeks for the kiddos.  I’m glad they got a break last week.

Happy Monday, all.  Hope you find some sunshine today.


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