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Bounty of Booty: Project 180, Day 179

Wanted to share some of the students’ responses from yesterday. And while I will not pretend that all of my kids made epiphanous discoveries from their 180 experiences, many did, and the few I selected captured the essence of what I hoped they would discover on their journey.

Two more sets of finals today. Eager to see what the rest of my kids found. Sad that not all discovered treasure along the way. But for those who did, they uncovered the very things that I hoped they might; they discovered things about themselves that I hope they will cherish for the rest of their lives. And who knows? Maybe those who did not reveal any discovered treasure are just hiding their booty. Maybe they have it tucked away.  Hard to imagine they got nothing from the bounty.  But, I guess, in the end, it’s their booty. Not mine.

Happy Thursday, all. I will share more treasure later today.

2 Replies to “Bounty of Booty: Project 180, Day 179”

  • Three years ago, my wife and I bought our home. Somehow, we got a fantastic deal on it. One of its hidden treasures is its backyard. The previous owners were serious gardeners. They dropped a lot of money to make it beautiful. I absolutely love it.

    One problem. I hate gardening and yard work. If I’m forced to do it, I’ll do it half-asses and begrudgingly. I become a master at profanity that makes Ralphie Parker’s father look like a novice. So, when we made the offer on the house, I told my wife we would do so on the condition that we hire a gardener as I love my wife and did not want to get a divorce over a backyard.

    All too often we want our learners to get what we want them to get in our class. The problem is, when we do, we make education about us and not them. If we really want to make education about the student we need to stop living vicariously through their experience and allow them to get whatever it is they want out of it. Why should I expect a student who absolutely hates reading to love my class when I afford myself the privilege to avoid mowing, weeding (the worst), and edging?

    Anyway, Monte. I loved reading your students’ work. I am grateful to have read the work of those who expressed self-discovery. They have given the world a gift.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • I think that all, you and your students in time will realize at some point the importance of Project 180. Maybe not right now, but sometime, a moment, a memory or a situation in life will bring about the memory of the A that enabled all to grow and learn and strive. The impact on each life will be their own, for they owned that A for 180 days.
    Once again it has been a great journey.

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