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Change Challenge: Choice

Change Challenge: This month emphasize student choice in your lesson and unit design.

Teachers, on some level, I think we all understand that providing student choice can be a powerful motivator in the classroom.  But I think, too, we understand the challenge of making that happen within our aligned, crowded, hurried curricula, and consequently, I think we convince ourselves that it’s not feasible, and we either don’t do it enough or we avoid it altogether.  And, unfortunately, it’s through this school-centered thinking that we limit not only real opportunity but also real motivation for our students.  That said, let’s challenge our conventional wisdom and do different.

Accept the challenge by responding to this post, indicating who you are and what you teach. Then, by the end of the month, share a story of a success or a challenge you experienced in your efforts to do different and offer student choice in your classroom.  Those who post a story will be considered for our January “Change Champion,” having his or her story highlighted on our site next month (  Join the conversation.  Your words matter.

Resources and additional information on student choice.


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