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Crazy but not Alone: Project 180, Day 126

Came across this image and article this morning. Found it a considerable comfort on a Monday. There’s a certain comfort in knowing that one is not the only crazy out there. And while some kids have certainly not fully embraced the non-graded 180 classroom, all kids have “done” without grades this year. Many kids have “done” an impressive amount, and I want to believe that they have done it because they found value in it.

Today my kids will continue “doing” as they work through the final stages of their speeches. Speeches. An experience most people–kids and adults–will avoid if possible. As with everything we have done this year, avoidance is possible–always possible; there is no grade. Only opportunity. The kids are choosing to “do.” They are not being “forced” to do. It really is a beautiful thing. I am lucky to be a part of it.

Happy Monday, all.

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