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Culture and Compounds: Project 180, Day 16

“What about Smiles and Frowns?” Twice yesterday I launched into our day, forgetting about Smiles and Frowns. The kids immediately caught my mistake. And that pleased me, for only two weeks in, it’s become a part of our culture. Our first five minutes always begins with the people in the room first, and then we get to the work. Sixth period, I had to run down to the office, and so, trying to save time, I asked the kids to conduct S&F on their own, which they reported went very well–guess I am already unnecessary. Anyway, it’s such an important start to our day. Some kids are still passing, but the majority are sharing, eliciting empathy, laughter, and even applause from the class as they share brief bits of their lives.

For our work, we did an activity for compound sentences that got the kids to consider, construct, and visualize how compound sentences are formed. I wanted them to have a “visual anchor” to draw from as we head further down the trail with complex sentences and phrases. My room now has a few hundred visual examples of compound sentences.


Using Seedfolks as your content, with your partner, create compound-sentences. Follow the guidelines below.

  1. Write 6 compound sentences.
  2. Use one ½ sheet of printer paper for each simple sentence (independent clause). Write in marker.
  3. For each simple sentence, draw a vertical line that separates the complete subject and predicate. Circle the simple subject. Underline the simple predicate.
  4. Connect the simple sentences using one of the 3 types of “glue” (see sentence handout and examples on the board). Literally glue the pieces together with colored connectors.
  5. 2 of your sentences must use a comma and FANBOYS. (pink)
  6. 2 of your sentences must use a semicolon. (blue)
  7. 2 of your sentences must use a conjunctive adverb. (yellow)
  8. Check your work.
  9. Tape your sentences up on any open wall space around the room.

Today’s Trail

Along today’s trail we will…

…begin with Smiles and Frowns. Unless I forget. The kids won’t let me.

…determine, discuss, and defend themes from “The Pedestrian,” using our Claim, Cite, Clarify approach. Here, based on what I discovered from last week’s efforts, I will seek to steer the kids away from summary in their clarify.

…reflect in our Journey Journals.

And that’s the day in 211. Sorry for the late, short post this morning. I had to get some feedback done for the kids. Have a great day, all.

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