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Days without End: Project 180, Day 103

Days don’t end for those who teach kids. Day, night, dark, and light blend and blur. Truly a 24/7 livestream that sucks the bandwidth of our brains and drains the batteries of our spirits. Many a time have I wished for a switch that would allow me to turn off and tune out that which resides inside–even if for only a moment. But, then, I quickly banish such blasphemy, for what if during that brief respite, I let a kid down? And so, I quit my futile fumbling for the switch and keep the constant vigilance of my post, and it makes me tired. But, it’s a good tired. And only because of the reciprocal relationship we share with our kids. Yes, they take, they consume the best essence of our very beings, but they also give, they breathe life into our weary souls and we endure, with smiles on our faces and hope in our hearts, as we face another day with they who matter most. A unique labor indeed. Wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Happy Thursday, all.


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