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Morning Minutes: December 14, 2015

Morning, all. I am scrambling to get my independent learning project (my blog) done, so I can present along with my kids today as I promised.  I still have meta-cognitive maps and a reflection to complete.  I suspect I am probably not alone.  I imagine some of the kids are probably up, too, scrambling to get done.  Anyway, while I am excited to share my project with the kids, I am more excited to learn about their projects.  This whole independent learning thing has been a surprising challenge for them, and I will talk at length about it next month during our official launch.  For now, I am simply excited to learn what they learned.  Tell you about it tomorrow.



One Reply to “Morning Minutes: December 14, 2015”

  • I am thrilled by the prospects of your project and inspired that you are including your students in mind-changing, life-altering projects like this too!

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