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Desks, Disappointment, Disruption, and Maybe a Bit of Politics: Project 180, Day 35


Desks. Got lucky. Happened to be in the right room at the right time. First new desks in my 20 year career. And while I am pleased to have some new shiny things in the room, they still pale in comparison to the bright stars who fill them every day. I just hope the kids find them more comfortable than the circa 1975, attached-chair affairs they’ve been sitting in. Glad we could finally step into the 21st century. Irritates me that education lags behind the times, but I am not really talking about desks. Those are small potatoes in the grand scheme. I can teach kids without desks. What I am really talking about is access to technology.

It’s becoming increasingly evident that if I am to adequately prepare kids for the future, let alone the present, then I–we–have to have immediate access to that which turns the world: technology. Whether we like it or not, tech is here. But, I often wonder if the American public really knows how largely absent it still remains in our schools.  Yes, we have computers. In fact, the LA department, has one cart of Chromebooks per grade level, which we utilize, but even then, we have to share, which roughly equates to two access days per week. As such, we find ourselves bouncing back and forth, reverting to “older” methods 3/5 of the week. Of course, older doesn’t necessarily mean bad. I don’t have to have computers to teach kids. But, older might mean not as good as it could or should be. The world outside education has changed significantly and drastically in a remarkably short amount of time, while the world inside education largely remains in a time capsule, a nostalgic nest of antiquity. The greatest nation in the world should have the greatest educational system in the world. Maybe tonight, instead of emails and hot-mic comments, our to-be leaders can find time to talk about things that really matter. Education matters. Or maybe it’s.  Education matters? Sorry. Rant over.

Disappointment. Got a “Dear Monte” letter yesterday. Sadly, the WSASCD, due to low attendance numbers, had to cancel the east side Washington Teachers’ Conference. So, I won’t get an opportunity to share Project 180 after all. Truly a missed opportunity, but there will be others. Still, disappointing, though. Darn it.

Disruption. A necessary disruption, but a disruption nonetheless. CHS  is hosting the PSAT today, and nearly all my kids will be taking it all morning, so I will be “studentless.”  And while I hate the delay, I support this important opportunity for kids to get a glimpse of what the SAT will be like. For most, it will be the hardest test they have ever taken, but they will get some valuable feedback from the experience, so I can’t really complain too much. Still, it will be awfully quiet in 211 this morning.

Happy Wednesday, all. Sorry for the uninspiring post this morning. Sorry, too, for the politics.

2 Replies to “Desks, Disappointment, Disruption, and Maybe a Bit of Politics: Project 180, Day 35”

  • My class room’s access to technology has been very limited and frustrating. Thanks to a generous donation from my own mother and the remaining district money allowed for classroom supplies, I just ordered 16 $45 tablets. Enough for half of the class, but half easily have their own devices, so at least we can access the Internet to take advantage of science simulations, virtual dissections, and interact through the Google classroom platform. Fingers crossed!

  • Sadly the things you stated are true and a part of life. Technology is necessary but when teaching , the learning still needs to have a voice, to be personal and of the heart .

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