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Free: Morning Minutes, March 9, 2016

Well, I did it.  Good or bad, better or worse, I took the leap.  Worried that I wouldn’t do it later if I didn’t do it now, I turned left down a road less familiar, chasing myself across lands uncharted, looking for a destination unknown. As such, I may not find what I am looking for, but the promise of new pursuits has both liberated and invigorated this aging soul, and I am okay with the uncertainty–indeed, a strange admission for one who seeks certainty and prefers plans. Not yet “unlost” but still more free, I welcome the days ahead as I discover myself among new purposes, discoveries that I will not make alone as I know I will have the support of those around me.  Thank you, all.  And a special thank you to Amarise, Mom, Wendy, Monty, Jenna, and Sher for chiming in yesterday and helping me find the courage to take the first step.  Below is the email that I sent to my colleagues announcing my plans.  And to them, another special thank you for all that they have taught me about teaching, learning, life, and myself.

Sorry for the sappy crap the last two days, all.  We’ll get back to the biz tomorrow.  Rocket 219 has some new boosters and is ready to launch into wondrous new worlds.  Ah, the freedom of space.

Dearest Friends and Colleagues,

By now some of you know that I feel have come to a crossroads in my professional career.  And what started off as a chug-chug and a maybe has turned into a wheels-rollin, engine-steamin’ definite.  After much rumination, fret and worry, I have decided to remove myself from any professional duties that take my attention and energy away from room 219 through next year.  At that time, I will reevaluate any roles that I may once again take on, but for now, I am steadfast in this, and I hope that you can respect my decision in the months to come.  I will finish out my department chair responsibilities for the remainder of this year and help the next DC transition into his/her new role for the next two.

Please know that decision was not made lightly, nor was it made without each of you in mind, as I worried about your disappointment in me.  Truly, I admire, respect, and value each of you, and will no doubt miss the work that we have begun, but it will go on.  It always does.  And it’s taken me too long to realize that. I don’t fully understand my decision or know what it will mean for me, but I will no doubt gain some clarity during this hiatus as I contemplate what the next 20 years hold for me.  If you are interested, I wrestled with my choice this morning in my blog.  Maybe it will shed some light.

At the end, I am excited to travel forth on this much needed, warmly-welcomed new leg of my journey. Thank you for understanding.  When our proverbial, professional paths cross again, who knows what we may find.  Regardless, we all will have grown.

With deepest regards,

4 Replies to “Free: Morning Minutes, March 9, 2016”

  • You deserve it! You deserve to only be teacher Syrie for a year, at least. And when you feel good about the decision you made, you know you made the right one.

  • Good for you Syrie! It can be hard to take that first step, but you did it, and now you can breathe a little more easily. (I hope)

  • Taking that first step is always the hardest. You have been on a journey these last twenty years, and it has been great to watch you grow, and to make changes and to strive towards what you believe in. Many have gained much, as they have been on this journey with you. Now for having said this, know how proud we have been for your accomplishments and will be of those made in the future. CHEERS to you Monte.

  • Your insight and candor will be missed at the DC meetings. Kudos on a job well done for many years.

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