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Giving an A: Project 180, Day One



Well, probably too late to back out now. After months of thinking, writing, and talking about it, it’s finally here. And while I am crazy excited to embark on this journey, I am also quite anxious as I now prepare myself to take the first step a few short hours from now. Ready or not, Project 180 is underway.

Today, I will begin the school year  by giving my students an A…for the entire year. Out of desire to create something both tangible and novel, I spent a good many hours crafting 120 A’s out of wood, and as my kids enter the realm of room 211 today, I will hand them what I hope comes to represent a path, a way to changing and bettering teaching and learning in American public education. Of course, as I pause on this precarious perch before taking flight into places unfamiliar, I am both thrilled and terrified by the possibilities. It is possible that I will succeed. It is just as possible that I will fail. Fortunately, my drive to succeed holds sway over my fear to fail. For now. But the two will no doubt clash time and again as the power of each rises and diminishes over the coming months, testing my conviction and fortitude. And only when the dust settles two years hence, will I see what has come. Right now, two years seems a lifetime. I hope I can find the courage to continue when the road gets rough. I hope.

Yep, too late to turn back. So, then, I will embrace the journey. Might as well. It’s gonna be a long haul.

Happy new school year, all. Thanks for joining me. I will need you.

2 Replies to “Giving an A: Project 180, Day One”

  • I just want to take a moment to say , best of learning to all students, and Mr. Syrie. Let the journey begin as it will be a journey of learning, trusting , and owning that A.

  • Best of luck Mr. Syrie! It will get rough, but I believe that you are capable of succeeding with this. Although it is just as possible you will fail, I know that you can find a way to turn things around. Keep in mind what my brother said about Superman when times get rough or when something knocks you down. We appreciate all that you are doing for us kids and for our education. Have a great year Mr. Syrie! I’ll see you around school.

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