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Go on. Go on, Change the World: Project 180, Day 80


Officially started the Memory Projects yesterday. Kids, in teams of 2, 3, or 4, have to create something that honors the memory of the Holocaust. And, already, I am so impressed with their energy and creativity. I had the fortune to sit down with the teams yesterday as they pitched their ideas to me, and I am blown away and humbled by the genius of their ideas. Am blown away, too, by the degree of their motivation and commitment to a project with no grade lingering in front of them. It was interesting to see some of my otherwise less-motivated kids spark to life yesterday, sleeping giants awakened by something that interested them, something that mattered to them. Wish it were so for everything that we did.

I will share the projects when they are done. Will they change the world? We’ll see. They have already changed it in 211. They have already changed it for me. So proud and excited. Kids rule. Best job in the world. Luck man, I.

Happy Friday, all. Sorry for the short post, slept in a bit and running late. Have a great weekend.

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