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Handshakes, High-Fives, and Hugs: Morning Minutes, June 10

Goodbye. Hate it. Always have. Makes me sad. This will be my twentieth end-of-the-year goodbye to a group of kids, and despite the numerous times I have done it, it’s never easy.

So, today, I will say goodbye, giving the kids the option of a handshake, a high-five, or a hug. I also ┬átell them that they will always be “one of Syrie’s kids,” telling them, too, that I don’t really know what that means other than if they need something in the future, they can come to me–as long as it’s not money or a place to live. . .well, maybe lunch money. Beyond that, I got their backs. Always.

This group will always hold a special place in my heart, as they will be the ones who were with me when I came to this crossroad in my career, giving me the means and the courage to take a different road, which I believe in the end will make all the difference.

Thanks for the great year, crew. I will miss you all.

Readers, thank you, too, for all your support and encouragement. I am excited to begin and share my new journey with you next year. Have a great summer. I will check in periodically. Peace.


2 Replies to “Handshakes, High-Fives, and Hugs: Morning Minutes, June 10”

  • I have always told you that as a teacher if you touched one student and made a difference in their life, you could consider your job was well done. But you have touched many past,present and possibly future students this year. They have learned and are learning about themselves, and throughout their lives , they will remember to use some of the tools you have given them.

    Most importantly, remember the things you have learned about yourself. Your students have been on your journey and together you have grown.

    Prideful Mom

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