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Head Above Water: Morning Minutes, February 26, 2016

I’d like to begin by giving a huge shout out and thank you to Debi Hammel for sending a utensil care package to 219 yesterday.  Your generous gift will help many a kid fill their faces.  Thank you, too, for giving me the blessing and privilege of sharing experiences with four of your lovely kids.  I miss Kayla, Lex, Lorissa, and Shane.  I am excited to share more experiences with the others on the way.  Thank you, Debi.

Yesterday was a rare day in 219.  It was eerily quiet and peaceful.  It was a work day, and I was available as always, but unlike always, the kids didn’t really need me.  And while on some level that bums me out, on another level it was a much needed treat of time.  I got less behind, not caught up, but less behind, and that I believe is the life of a teacher.  It is a mad, nine-month scramble through which we constantly struggle to keep our heads above water.  Yesterday, I got to float.  I got to breathe.  But so did the kids.  As Kaila shared sixth period, “Sy, this is exactly what I needed.  I am so stressed out with all that we have to do.  Thank you.”  No, thank you, Kaila. Thank you, all.  It’s exactly what I needed, too.

Of course, it’s back to treading water today and avoiding drowning this weekend as I dive into a sea of student work, but it only makes me appreciate yesterday’s calm waters even more.  Thanks for holding me up yesterday, kiddos.


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