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Hearing Voices

Many of my readers know that I have had the great fortune of connecting with Mr. Moore and his class in Australia this summer.  A few days ago, Lynton sent me the letter below and I wanted to share my response. Dang kids are cool. No matter where they live.

Dear Lynton,

I am pleased that my response resonated with you. And your response certainly resonated with me. In particular, I loved this line, “…a class without a student’s voice is not a classroom at all. It’s more like a graveyard where dreams are destroyed….” I love the imagery that it creates as I imagine a desolate, dark place where kids are not chasing their dreams but rather running from a nightmare. I think you have the makings of being a writer, young man. Bravo.

Thank you for taking the time to write me a note, Lynton. I am thankful that this connection has helped you find your voice, a voice that speaks loudly, clearly, and wisely across half the globe. Enjoy the rest of your year with Mr. Moore. Also, I have a small favor to ask. I really want to give everyone in the class a high five, but distance is a problem. If you are comfortable and willing, would you please give everyone a high five for me? Oh, one more, will you also shake Mr. Moore’s hand for me as well? Thank you, Lynton. Your note made my day.

Thank you,

Monte Syrie


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