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I’m Gonna Change the World: Project 180, Day 156


So excited to introduce “Project Change the World” today. This is but another culminating task that creates a kids-in-their-moments opportunity for me to witness and cherish as our time together comes to a close for the year. I have devoted Mondays and Tuesdays as work days for the project. We will continue to deliver speeches Wednesday through Friday until all are complete. Below is the introduction that I will share with the kids today. I am eager to see what they dreams they will seek to turn to realities. I eager to see them stretch their minds and discover their creative and imaginative capacities. In earnest, I believe they can change the world. I want them to believe that, too.

Project Change the World

When I better the world, I make a difference.

When I make a difference, I change the world.

So, I’m gonna do it. I’m gonna change the world.  

General Overview and Guidelines

Your culminating task for the year is to come up with an idea and plan for bettering the world. Your plan can have a local, national, and/or global impact, but it must be something that somehow betters the world–big or small. You will compete against other teams in the international “Change the World” Summit in June.

  1. Create a project for bettering the world.
  2. You may work as an individual or in teams of two, three, or four but no more.
  3. You must develop a project plan/proposal (see specific guidelines below).
  4. You must present your project to the class.
  5. You will compete for the following awards of distinction: Most Original, Most Creative, Most Inspiring, Most Ambitious, Most Impressive Impact, Best Project Title, Best Logo, Best Slogan, Director’s Choice

Project Guidelines

Ideas are great, but ideas without plans never get very far. So, using the guidelines below, you will develop a plan for making your idea a reality. In an effort not to put any imaginative or creative limits on your idea, I am asking you to think beyond any present time or resource limitations that may present themselves. Remember, you are developing a plan; you are not necessarily putting that plan into action, though some plans may indeed be ready for action during the project. However, many of you will develop plans best left to some future time when you have the necessary resources. Dream big, but think realistically. The goal here is to create an actionable plan for bettering the world.

  1. Project Title: Please begin with the word “Project.” Project You Matter, Project Feed Forward, etc.
  2. Project Mission Statement: Here you will define and present the project goal.
  3. Project Logo and Slogan: This will mark the beginning of marketing your project. Think catchy. But also, think about communicating purpose.
  4. Project Plan: Here your job will be to create a comprehensive, realistic plan for your project. You need to think, “turn idea into reality.” More specific requirements for this part to follow.
  5. Proposal Letter to the “Change the World” Board: Here you will write a letter to the Board, pitching your plan, seeking a spot for the presentation round of the competition. Spots are limited. Letters must not exceed 250 words. Your goal here is to catch the attention of the Board, so they invite you to the presentation round.
  6. Presentation: If (when) you are invited to the summit, you will need to begin thinking of a compelling way to present your project. More specifics to follow as we get closer to June.

Happy Monday, all. So excited to get this project underway. Man, I love kids.

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