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In a Strange Land: Project 180, Day 61


I have to remember. I have to remember that this change is as big for them as it is for me. I have to remember that they, too, are going through the process of change. I have to remember.

But I forget. I forget when I am faced with resistance without. I forget when I am confronted by the chaos within. I forget.

And so, I vow to work harder to not forget to remember. It’s not only about me. It’s not only about me. It’s not only about me…

Of late, I have found myself frustrated by some kids’ lack of commitment to their learning. And though I try to put on a brave face and not take it personally, I do. I do. And while that is awfully human of me, it is also awfully selfish of me. And then, just like that, it becomes about me again. And it’s not. It’s about us. All of us.

Tuesday, I wrote about the essence of the shared commitment, introducing the triad: dedicated teachers, motivated students, and involved parents. We are all on this journey together, a journey not easy, a journey still in descent as we claw our way through the unfamiliar territory, the “foreign element” that is 180.

We are all of us strangers in a strange land. And as such, we need each other more than ever if we are to make our transformational ascent to a new status quo. For me, it’s about experimenting and discovering the right formula for 180. For kids, it’s about finding comfort and confidence behind the wheel of their own learning. For parents, it’s about shrugging off the school-perpetuated myth that they no longer need to be involved in their children’s education. It may very well be that we need you now more than ever. We have to dispel the notion that parents need to fade away as their kids progress through the system. Just as teachers need to be dedicated and students need to be motivated Pre-K – 12, parents need to be involved for the whole trip, too–a shared commitment from start to finish. 60 + 60 + 60 = 180.

Happy Thursday, all. A little less chicken-wingy this morning. Ready to feel the wind beneath my cape again.

One Reply to “In a Strange Land: Project 180, Day 61”

  • It’s genius and SO true that students, educators, and parents make up the same portion of the triad, equaling a complete 180. That teachers need to be dedicated, students need to be motivated, and parents need to be involved is also a very big truth. I wonder why “the system” discourages parents from being involved as kids reach their teen years and beyond. Is it for security reasons? Is it because too many involved parents are a pain in the butt? Is it because we are trying to mimic higher institutions of education? It’s really too bad, and it puts too much pressure on the students and teachers to do everything themselves.

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