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Key Ingredient: Project 180, Day 101

Really, truly, that’s what it’s all about. Graded or gradeless, a classroom should be about feedback, it is the ingredient in learning. This year, with the 180 approach, I have come to rely heavily on feedback. I’ve had to, for it, not grades, has become the connecting point between the kids and me. And though it has taken the kids a little bit of time to warm-up to the idea of feedback as a mechanism of growth instead of a mechanism of judgment, I believe they are beginning to see, beginning to accept what it’s intended to be: communication. It is the narrative that has become part of their growth stories this year. It lets them know what they are doing well and what still needs work. And so we do and learn, connected through feedback, both written and verbal. Today, as we continue with our letters to the school board, I will make my rounds giving feedback as each works toward his/her end. It’s the stuff of learning.

Short week. Time escapes. Can’t believe we are into triple digits for the year. Can’t believe that we are now down to double digits to go. Happy Tuesday, all.


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