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Keys to Learning: Project 180, Day 23

Here’s the thing about giving kids the keys to their learning. You have to give them the keys. Today, I will seek to do just that by introducing the Passion Paper. The Passion Paper is a semester-long writing assignment designed to give kids ownership of their learning. I have set some guidelines, but beyond those, the kids have a lot of freedom to pursue their own passions. I am asking them to lead, so I can follow. As the new leaders, they will brave some new territory in which they will come up against some new challenges, challenges which will lead to some frustration as they navigate this new realm. And that’s my goal. I want them to struggle a bit. I want them to find solutions. I want them to find themselves. I will be with them, and I will help them along their way, but I am not going to take the lead. In the driver’s seat they will sit, and I will fill the passenger’s, where I can enjoy the ride and the view as they learn to drive. They have the keys.

Today’s Trail

Along today’s trail we will…

...begin with Smiles and Frowns.

…recite Mindset Mantras.

…get started on Passion Papers.

…Reflect in Journey Journals.

…end with Sappy Sy Rhyme.

Happy Monday, all. Have a great week.

Do. Reflect. Do Better.

2 Replies to “Keys to Learning: Project 180, Day 23”

  • Monte,

    is this like a modified “I-Search” a’la Ken Macrorie? Or is it more of a paper version of a Passion project/20 Time?

    Love the simply complex nature of instructions and your honesty, as always. I’ve done 20Time projects and I-searches, so I’m interested here.

    • Hi, Garreth. Well, not really. I have done I-Search in the past, and I have heard about Passion Projects. Have not heard of 20Time. But I suspect that there are similar components. Really it was born out of a desire to change my kids’ mindsets about writing. I wanted to show them, provide an opportunity for them to see, that writing can–maybe should–be different from what they’ve learned it is in school. So, I sought to set some loose parameters and let them go. Will have check-ins and checkpoints along the way, but really, I just want them to chase it. There’s been a lot of positive feedback so far from the kids. It’s my first year doing it, and I will look to do what I do, and upon reflection, make it better next year. I will provide updates as we go. Today’s post spoke to our initial progress a bit. Thanks for checking in. Hope this helps. If I can answer more questions or give more information, let me know.

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