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#kidsarecool: Morning Minutes, May 25, 2016

Yesterday, we began presenting our final Independent Learning Projects for the year. This is the fourth project we have done, and though the project has evolved in ways that I did not necessarily desire or anticipate, one thing has remained true each time, I learn from my kids. Here are some of the cool things I learned yesterday.

  1. I learned how to do an eagle pose in yoga from Jacob. Well, really, for my old bones, it was more of a pigeon pose. It seems teaching is the only place where I will be practicing flexibility. #thiseaglelandedalongtimeago
  2. Steph taught us the basics of “jump training,” so we can make gains with our verticals this summer. #oldwhitemen(still)cantjump
  3. Bradley taught us the finer points and purposes of binge watching our favorite TV shows. We all decided that if we did some yoga and jump training, we might feel less guilty with this particular pleasure. #MASHmarathon
  4. Elyse shared her dream to live the “Van Life,” and in doing so, taught us all we’d ever need to know to pursue said life for ourselves. Most of us found it pretty intriguing until it came to the lack-of-a-bathroom part. #nobathroomnoway
  5. Meghan presented her plan to create an app, College Sports Made Easy (CSME), for helping prospective college athletes shop colleges and programs. #therewillbeanappforthat
  6. Lexi revealed her new obsession with detox drinks. She made from scratch and shared three different drinks, which promised to help people clean out and energy up. #healthyforlife
  7. Keegan, using time-lapse video, showed us her creative process as she drew two hands intertwined. #artistsareawesome
  8. Alex taught us how to become more accurate archers. #katnisscraze
  9. Megahn helped us discover whether we were introverts or extroverts and what that means. Turns out she is the most introverted in the class, and what’s cool, as she is discovering, is that we better understand and are beginning to understand even more what it means to be an introvert. I was the second most introverted. #introversionisastrength
  10. And finally, Jesse dashed our time-travel dreams by sharing that while theoretically there are four possible ways to travel through time, all of them would kill us, and it is not possible to go back in time, only forward. Where’s the fun in that? #bettersellthedelorean

Of course, this is but a small sample of the many cool things we learned yesterday in 219. So proud of my kids and so privileged to learn from them. Kids are cool.

Happy Wednesday, all. Anyone interested in a Delorean with a flux capacitor? Will sell cheap.


2 Replies to “#kidsarecool: Morning Minutes, May 25, 2016”

  • i agree wholeheartedly with your wife. Annoying as ever, but you still have some valid points. My talk on binge-watching was definitely amazing and i did hit some of the finer points. However, i feel that you definitely “talked me up” in the sense that i thought my presentation was garbage, just for the sake of making us students seem super great and education focused. Again, you made a lot of great points but kinda annoying. 😉

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