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Last Laugh: Morning Minutes, June 6, 2016

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So, early Saturday morning, I stopped by my classroom to grab some papers to grade, and this is what I discovered. Transfixed by the sheer enormity of the task, I panned around the room, laughing and laughing, as I took in the spectacle of 5,400 sticky notes. Yes, they got me. They really got me.

Apparently, right after I left Friday afternoon, 10 sneaky young ladies got access to my room and spent ┬áthe next 2.5 hours delivering my “present.” And though they created a colossal mess, they brought joy to an old man’s life, and I’m sure, too, their peers will get great joy out of the fact that I got punk’d when they see the sight today. So, too, will their peers benefit from the inspirational and humorous notes they left on each student desk, made secure with tape. My favorite is below.


Thank you, Anna, Rachel, Megumi, Anya, Maggie, Eva, Lucy, Zab, Addy, and Allissa for bringing the fun. I will remember this and each of you fondly. You win. I will give you the last laugh–the best laugh. Thank you.

Last week! Last Monday!! Today, the kids are making me deliver my speech. Hate when they make me walk the walk. Funny. I’m kinda nervous. Just wrote it yesterday. Didn’t really practice. Now I know how the kids feel. I will share my speech in tomorrow’s post.

Happy last Monday, all.


4 Replies to “Last Laugh: Morning Minutes, June 6, 2016”

  • It was great seeing so many people go into to Syries’ classroom to see the 5400 sticky notes all over his classroom. It was also really fun getting to have class in such a colorful environment. Personally i liked the sticky note version of his class better than the norm.

  • This was just great. I honestly thought it was pretty funny to walk into your classroom finding your classroom with the walls covered in sticky notes. I’ve done this as a prank to someones car, but this beats it all. Now all you need to do is find a way to get them back!

  • I hope that everyone gets to see the video that the girls made while sticking all the “sticky notes”. They worked hard to pull this off!

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