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Literally: Morning Minutes, May 2, 2016

Morning, all. Tired. Slept late (4:30). Worked and played too hard this weekend. Short post this morning, which is probably good since I was so windy last week.

So, as it goes, one idea leads to another, and last week during one class’s discussion on the plan for next year, I came up with an idea to literally give students an A. This summer, using my stepdad’s scroll saw, I am going to cut out ninety 4″ wooden letter A’s. I will sand, paint or stain them (haven’t decided), add a message, and present them to each kid on the first day of school–literally giving them an A. But, I will also make clear that while I can give them a grade, I cannot give them learning. I provide opportunity and support, but the learning is up to them, especially the degree of learning they achieve. My giving them an A is an invitation to rise, a standard to live into by year’s end. Yeah, I know–cheesy, but I hope for some it compels  and propels them to higher heights. Some, I am sure, will simply throw them away, but for others maybe it will make their walls at home as a reminder that they have they have an awesome responsibility for their learning, their lives. And even if it’s only one, that’s enough–right Nathaniel?

Happy Monday, all. Happy birthday shout out to my stepdad, Bob. Thanks for all you do. Love you.


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