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Lucky Life: Project 180, Day 40

Despite a rough start, turns out yesterday wasn’t Monday in disguise after all; it was a Terrific Tuesday–for many reasons. I will offer ten, ten random wonders that brought joy to my day. I truly have so much to be grateful for.

Terrific Ten

  1.  My morning commute with my son Finn. He has recently taken up the bass guitar and joined the CMS jazz band. Their practice is before school, so I, the early bird, gets the pleasure of dropping him off each day. It’s only a 7 minute drive, but it’s our time to catch up. Our latest discussions have entered the realm of girls, Finn wondering aloud about the confusion of liking someone with so many things to consider, mostly the weight of looks and personality. Oh, Finny, welcome to awful age of adolescence. Wish I could say it gets easier.

  2. Catching up with Kasia. Kids’ lockers are tiny at CHS. So, they drop their bags off in teachers’ classrooms each morning, picking them up at the end of the day. Incidentally, my room has become Kasia’s preferred drop off. A student from last year and a creator of two movies that I shared with you, Kasia often engages me with questions about how the “A thing” is going this year. Yesterday, the “Re-Opp” sign up caught her attention, and she asked about it, and it gave me the opportunity to gush a little about the success of 180 so far. Thanks for always checking in, Kas.

  3. No contract in my box. Yesterday, the district distributed the “additional-duty” contracts to teachers who fill a variety of positions from club advisers to department chairs. It is the first time in my 14 years at CHS that I have not taken on additional duties. I made that tough decision last spring when I committed to P-180, and it has been one of my best professional decisions ever. Yes, less money. But, more importantly, way less stress.

  4. Windows. There were moments yesterday when I purposefully paused and marveled at the fall beauty. Such a gorgeous day. Having taught in the dungeon for 13 years, it has been nice to have an exterior room with a view and natural light. Improved mood indeed!

  5. Lunch crew. Though we love all our little critters dearly, we also need breaks from them, It’s a quick 30 minutes, but I value the adult time I get with my peeps each day at lunch. Thank you Ms. Tamura, Ms. Alderete, Mr. Martin, and Ms. Comi. You all brighten my day.

  6. Caring Community. I am proud to live in a community that cares and answers the call when there is a need. Hungry kids daily raid my “pantry,” a service that I could not provide without the help of all who have contributed and continue to contribute to the cause. Thank you a million times. You are making a huge difference for kids. I think of you all each time a kid gets food, which means, I think of you a lot. Thank you.

  7. Rides home with Sissy. The other book end. My daughter delights me daily with her stories about her day. Yesterday, she read an actual story to me that she had written in class. As a fellow writer, I smile at her voice and expression in her writing. She wants to be writer. She already is.

  8. Jack bounced back. Yesterday, I told the story of Jack flashing me a one, revealing his progress in class the day before. And I also mentioned my mild admonishment to his revelation. Well, yesterday he threw me a two, a legitimate two (I checked). He did not set the world afire with his efforts, but he improved, and I can be happy with that. Thank you, Collin (I mean “Jack”).

  9. Necessarily unnecessary. So, I go potty between every period. Consequently, I am a wee bit late each period. But the kids know what to do, so they are usually ready to go as I slip into the room, quietly apologizing for my tardiness. Yesterday was no different, but unbeknownst to me, Mr. Roberts, assistant principal and my new evaluator for the year, was there to do an observation. As I walked in–late, he was sitting among the kids engaging them in conversations about their blogs. Most of them, he told me, had begun working before the bell, and they were all working at the bell. Guess they don’t need me. Pretty motivated for kids who already have A’s.

  10. Dinner in the mic. Our weeks are busy, in many respects, too busy, but we manage. Monday and Tuesday are especially busy with my teaching at the college in the evening. Even so, my lovely wife, despite her own crazy schedule, found time to make dinner and leave it for me in the microwave. It was a perfect end to a perfect day. Thanks, Sher. Couldn’t do it without ya.

Pretty lucky guy, me. Happy Wednesday, all. Sorry for the not-so-substantive post this morning. Have a great day.

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