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Maybe…not. Morning Minutes, March 29, 2016

So, thinking maybe I could go back and make it through the day, but I am not gonna trust maybe, and I am going to stay out one more day. In truth, most of my kids are gone all morning at a college-planning convention at SFCC, so I may as well use that as my reason for not really needing to be there.  Plus, my little buddy Ms. Tamura next door is willing to open the wall and cover my classes, which is always far preferable to a sub.  Thanks, Ms. Tamura. I owe you big time.

Anyway, another boring day at home, but I think–I hope–that I can see a light at the end of the tunnel.  Been no fun. Thanks for all the well-wishes.  Your thoughts and prayers have helped me make it through the most miserable parts.  Happy Tuesday, all.  Looks like the sun is gonna shine.


3 Replies to “Maybe…not. Morning Minutes, March 29, 2016”

  • Yes, we will continue to take this day-by-day. While it’s not the same without you here, I will continue to cover your classes until you’re ready to come back.

  • So, read that book that you haven’t had the opportunity to start because you had to read a whole bunch of essays. Do I really have to coach you through this?

    • Maybe. A little coaching never hurt. Actually, finally feeling like I can do more than sleep today. Might start reading that book on grading. Thanks, coach.

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