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Morning Minutes: December 18, 2015

Did I do enough?  Did I do all I could?  Teaching is full of ends and beginnings, a constant cycle of looking forward and looking back, both blessing and curse. Indeed. With each beginning, I wonder at the opportunity and possibility, inspired by hope.  But, with each end, I worry about the outcome and impact, haunted by doubt.  A year and a half ago I began a journey with my student teacher, Maddie Alderete.

Then, I was inspired, an opportunity to learn and grow.  And now, at the end, I am haunted.  Did I do enough?  Did I do all I could to arm her with the tools to be both  scientist and artist in the classroom?  Remarkably, it is not all that different from how I have felt all too often in my career as I bid farewell to my students in June.  My cycle of hope and doubt. And though I would expect that one year I would eventually learn that hope trumps doubt, wisdom eludes me, and I play the part again, forgetting that doubt fades and hope triumphs.  But then I remember.  Just as now,  as I write, my doubt diminishes and hope emerges from a new beginning.  Yes, one journey ends today.  Maddie is done.  But she’s also begun.  And as I look back on our journey, I am reminded of her hard work, her eagerness to learn, her challenges, her successes, and most importantly, her impact on kids.  She is ready.  Whether I did all I could is irrelevant; she is ready.  And as she begins her new journey next month at Connell High School, she will shine in her moment, a moment that will mark the beginning of a brilliant career for an incredibly talented and dedicated young lady entering the best of professions.  Welcome aboard, Maddie.  I am so proud of you.  Thank you for all that you have done for me.

This marks the last “Morning Minutes” of the year for I will continue when we officially launch our mission in January, when I hope all of you will contribute by joining the conversation, armed with the conviction that your words matter.  They do.

With that, I wish all a happy and safe holiday season.  And as we prepare for the new year, I will leave you with a link to a video that my student Kiersten created for her project on procrastination  Take care.  See you in January.


6 Replies to “Morning Minutes: December 18, 2015”

  • Mr.Syrie,
    I have really enjoyed reading your posts! You are one of the most inspiring teachers. Though I only had you for a short time, you made a huge difference. You showed me that you truely cared. Have a great winter break and a Merry Christmas! Excited to read more in the new year.

    • Hey, Chels. Thank you for the kind words and well-wishes. Hope all is well with you. Keep tuning in and please join the conversation. Your words matter. Happy Holidays.

    • Thank you, Mindy. As you know, your sister is an amazing young lady, and it has been my pleasure to join her journey. Please consider tuning in and joining the conversation in January. Your words matter. Happy holidays.

  • Well said Sy. 🙂 you must know deep down that your students love you and your teaching man. You have done well and continue to run the race. 🙂 still hope to be like you one day man.

    • Thanks, Bitzy. I’m so glad that you are joining the conversation. Your words matter. Hope all is well. Happy holidays.

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