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Oops: Morning Minutes, February 29, 2016

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Morning, all.  So, my typing skills already leave a lot to be desired, but now with my new boo-boo, they really are wanting.  Wish it were a better story, but near the end of my Sunday mountain bike ride, all the scary/sketchy stuff done, I caught a rock, and before I knew it I was over the handlebars, on the ground, with a finger…well, half a finger, where it did not belong.  My buddy tried to pull it back into place right there on the trail, but we did not succeed, so I picked up my bike, and we rode the rest of the way out–must have looked more like a tea party with my right pinkie, daintily lifted off my handlebar.  Anyway, got to the truck, drove to what was supposed to be “urgent care,” and waited nearly two-and-a-half hours for them to finally get my digit back to normal.  Really, in the end, I got lucky.  Though there is some cartilage damage, the tendons and bones are fine.  Just gonna have a fat, sore finger for a while, and a splint that does not make this particular task easy.

Of course, one of my first thoughts was my wondering how I was gonna blog with my injury, but it’s working out okay, and I don’t get off the hook for my morning minutes.  Nor am I off the hook for grading papers.  Yesterday, I made my way through a pretty good pile of essays, and while it was an adventure of sorts, it is nothing compared to the adventure my kids will have with reading my comments on their papers today.  Didn’t think it possible, but my handwriting can actually be worse.  Have fun, kiddos.  Of course, some probably won’t tell the difference.  It was already pretty bad.

Have a great Monday, all.  Happy leap day.


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