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Opportunity: Morning Minutes, March 22, 2016


Inevitably, as we studied the dark past of Nazi Germany and the Holocaust during WWII, some of our own shadows from this time revealed themselves, namely our use of Japanese internment camps.  Kids are always shocked to learn that we, too, had concentration camps. And while we don’t spend nearly the same amount of time on this topic as the Holocaust, how we will spend the time is pretty awesome.  Today, the kids will get a rare treat.  My teaching partner Jenna Tamura’s grandmother and her family were interned at a camp in California.  Today, Jenna’s dad, a teacher at Roger’s High School, is going to spend the day with us sharing not only the history from that time but also his mother’s–his family’s–story. Possessing and sharing original documents and artifacts from this time, he will provide an authentic look at a darker time from our history.

Every sophomore in the school will get a chance to hear his story today.  Jenna and I have an accordion wall between our rooms that we can open, allowing sixty kids at a time in the audience.  A special shout out and thank you to Jenna and her dad for orchestrating this opportunity for our kiddos.  I’ll share more details tomorrow.

Happy Tuesday, all.  Still feeling shcrappy, despite staying home in bed all day yesterday.  Thinking of wearing two Superman shirts today.  May have to get the cape out.


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