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Playing Hooky: Project 180, Day 154

With many of my kids taking the AP World History exam today (yet another test), I decided to take a day. I’ll  get an appointment that I’ve been putting off out of the way, and make a date with my bike for a long ride. And I will definitely find a nap. Love my naps.

Speeches went well yesterday. SBA scores are still trickling in. Only waiting on 16 more. Kids are rocking it so far. Excited to share the results and my thinking around them.

Happy Thursday, all. Sorry for the short post this morning.


2 Replies to “Playing Hooky: Project 180, Day 154”

  • Wish I felt I could take a personal day this month (I could certainly use it). This May, I’ll be out of the class 9 days between golf and subbing for admin. I’d feel super guilty if I took a 10th.

    Enjoy the bike ride.

    • Thanks, Aaron. It was the only day left this year to do it. So I did. Bike ride was great. Nap time.

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