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Slow and Steady: Project 180, Day 73

Off to a slow start this morning. And though it is Tuesday, as I always tell my kids, Monday is more a feeling than a day, and oh boy does it feel like a Monday. Still, I am glad to get back to my kiddos again as we resume our journey into the largely unknown realm of gradeless learning, a journey where there are no sidewalks, a journey where the path is not always clear, a journey ¬†where the reality of getting lost is all too real, but that’s the risk. Can’t get anywhere if we don’t first venture forth from the familiarity and safety of our comfort zones.

So, with a new year here and 107 days to go, we will continue to take risks in 211. Today, though, we will start slowly. I’ve learned that Monday–real or feel–is rarely a day to step too far from the path. Slow and steady today.

Happy 2017, all. Glad to be back.

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