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Some Spring in My Step: Morning Minutes, March 18, 2016

Good morning, all.  So, I want to talk about a few things this morning.  First, I wanted to make a reference back to Tuesday’s post, “To the Egde”(, a post that reflected my rather gloomy disposition of late as I have been working through some recent professional changes in addition to the self-inflicted pressure I have put on myself to make next year a pivotal one in my purposeful pursuit to change education. Well, gloom be gone, for I have found that which I sought.  I found a seed to plant, a plan to grow.  I have discovered what I will do over the next two years to push the change I seek.  And while I am not ready to reveal the plan that is still processing, I am excited to share that I have a spring in my step again.  Of course my plan is nothing short of crazy, but I believe it’s gonna take a little crazy–maybe a lot of crazy.

Second, I wanted to share a “you-had-to-be-there moment,” from yesterday’s independent learning projects.  As you know, the kids had to get out  of their comfort zones this time, challenging themselves in some instances to face their fears.  Yesterday, Natalie faced her fear of singing in public. As Natalie prepared at the front of the room, we prepared for the possibly awkward moment of the band, not-choir kid singing an entire song to us.  Accompanied by senior friend Kayleigh on the guitar, Natalie closed her eyes, opened her mouth, and transported us all to a place none thought possible.  She nailed the song “Riptide,” and as Destinee said, revealing what we all felt, “I had chills the entire time.” It was amazing.  Truly. We all knew we had been witness to something special, something that maybe will create a “we-were-there-when” moment when she makes it big.  Man, I love my job.  Nothing better in the world than kids shining in their moments

Happy Friday, all.  Have a great weekend.  It’s spring!


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