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Sound of Silence: Project 180, Day 71


We’ll step into the middle of Night today with our second discussion. Last week’s discussion went well, but ever-searching for a way to make things better, I asked the kids for some feedback, and they obliged, so we will do things a bit differently this week. Here are some of the things they asked for.

  1. More time. Granted.
  2. More people contributing/participating. Random selection no more.
  3. More Syrie. Not necessarily. Wishing to avoid awkward moments of silence, many asked me to help “fill the air” during these moments. And I’m torn. I want them to fill the air. That’s the goal, and the moments of silence are a but a means to an end. Moments of silence are moments of thought. Constant noise is not always a sign of deep discussion. He or she who talks the most does not always say the most. Sometimes she or he who says the least does. We should listen to silence, too. Oh, I will help today. But when I fill the air, it will be my asking probing and clarifying questions, not giving answers. #sorrynotsorrykiddos

We will continue with the no-hands approach this week. Kids did a great job with it last week, especially for the first time. Funny how many still raised their hands. All good. They’ve been conditioned to do so. It was kinda fun to playfully rebuke them for raising their hands. I’ll have more fun today.

Happy Thursday, all. Stay warm and safe.

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