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Spirit Intact: Project 180, Day 84

Morning, all. Thank you for all the check-ins, well-wishes, and words of support yesterday. It always means the world to me to know that you’re “there.” Truly. It’s nice to know that so many have tuned in to the project. It’s nice to know that so many care about the progress of the journey. But, of all, it’s nicer to know that so many simply care about me. ┬áThank you. And to put your minds at ease, I am fine. Really, I am great. In an odd, rather unexpected sorta way, I am at peace. And I think that’s because I trusted my gut, I listened to my heart, and I followed my compass. I made a “kid decision.”

And while it will be a week before I know and subsequently share the decisions of my kids and their families, some interesting conversations have already begun with my kids. Here are a few from yesterday. Names changed.



John: Hey, Sy. Can I get my portfolio?

Me: Sure. What’s up?

John: I want to show it to my dad. I want to show him what I have done, how I have grown. I wanna stay with 180.

Me: He wants to go traditional?

John: Yeah. He doesn’t think I am doing anything.

Me: Okay. Well, make your case, kiddo. If he wants any input from me, have him or mom email me, and I will support you.



Layla: Sy, whatcha think I should do?

Me: Lay, I think you are in a perfect position to continue with 180. It would break my heart, if you went the traditional route. You have taken full responsibility and ownership of your learning. You’re a poster child for 180, girl.

Layla: You really think so?

Me: Absolutely, chica. I am so proud of all that you have accomplished so far this year. Can’t quit now.

Layla: Okay, Sy. I got you.



Michael: (leaning on the edge of my desk, Gary standing beside) Sy, I wanna stay with 180. I know. I know. I have kinda screwed up this semester. I started off well, but then I got lazy. But I can do this.

Me: You think you can reload and make it happen?

Michael: For sure.

Me: How will the conversation go at home? Can you convince your folks to stay with 180?

Michael: Oh, yeah.

Me: So you’re going to own this?

Michael: Yep.

Gary: (jumping in) Me, too. I messed up. I got lazy, and it kinda became a habit.

Michael: (interrupting) And we’re gonna be like this, spreading his fingers apart.

Me: You’re not gonna sit together?

Michael and Gary: Nah. (chuckling) We can’t sit together, Sy.

Me:┬áHuh, ya think? Okay, boys. Let’s see if you can redeem yourselves.

And by the end of the day, I was feeling okay. I didn’t find the decision a smudge on the project. I found it to be what it was intended to be: another option for kids. And my spirit can live with that. Journey on!

Happy Tuesday, all. Again, thank you for being there. Really.


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