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Test Story: Project 180, Day 138

Infinity and beyond, indeed, Buzz. This is how the testing season feels. It goes on and on. Forever. And we are just underway. Selfishly, I am thankful that LA is up first when the kids’ brains are fresh and their tolerance is still intact. I feel sorry for my science colleagues. By the time the kids get to their round of tests, they are done. So done. Can’t say that I blame them.

But for now, they are just getting started. ┬áThe kids, bless their hearts, are working hard, and I am proud of their commitment. Gave lots a pats on the back as I walked around the testing room yesterday as if to say, “You gotta a friend in me.” Wish I could be a better friend and turn their test stories back a few years to their toy stories. But those days are gone. They live in the “real world” now. And it is a mad, mad world we live in.

Happy Wednesday, all.

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