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Tired, Stressed, and Caffeinated: Project 180, Day 26

And then there are those days when even coffee may not be enough. In truth, of late, many days have felt as such, and today is certainly no exception. Coming off a three-day binge of helping kids tap into their creative centers, scrambling to get feedback to them before our next performance (today), dealing with at-home stress (discovered our freezer in the garage that we just filled with half a grass-fed, organic beef wasn’t working), coming upon and dealing with a disturbing bullying situation at the end of the day and being called the “F” word a few hundred times for my trouble, running alongside and cheering for my son at his cross-country race (tied for 2nd), cooking dinner and catching up with my kids, connecting with and rooting for my gradeless peeps around the world, and worrying over all that I DIDN’T do, I am tired. But little matter. I’m back at it again today. Tapping away on the keys, drinking too much coffee, and scheming to a fit a week’s worth of work into a day, I am back for more.

And I always will be. I love what I do. And this year is off to a magical beginning. All my years (twenty-two of them now) have been great, but this one is a bit different. Only twenty-six days in and we are rocking. I am so pleased with and proud of the culture that the kids and I are establishing. Yesterday, I walked into my 5th period class and Moses (who generally passes) and Maisie were leading Smiles and Frowns from the front of the room–before the bell. What was the rush? Well, the cross-country kids were leaving five minutes into the period to travel to their race, and they didn’t want to miss Smiles and Frowns, so they started it on their own. I took a seat and watched. When it came my turn, I smugly smiled at Moses and passed. And then, Maisie, with the help of Moses, started teaching complex sentences from the handout I had given her since she’d be leaving early with the XC team. And she did okay.

I am tired today. I am stressed today. But I am gonna be okay. With kids like Maisie, Moses, and a hundred more, I am going to be okay. Man, I love kids. Love them.

Today’s Trail

Along today’s trail we will…

...begin with Smiles and Frowns.

…have a performance opportunity with theme.

…reflect in our Journey Journals.

…end with a Sappy Sy Rhyme.

Happy Thursday, all.

Do. Reflect. Do Better.

2 Replies to “Tired, Stressed, and Caffeinated: Project 180, Day 26”

  • Monte,
    How I love to start my day with your thoughts. The passion you have for your kids, your family and your life is palpable. Not all in what we do is flowers and rainbows. In fact in our culture there is too much value put on happiness. Rather, I think a life filled with meaning is the key. And man, your work, your being, drips meaning.

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