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Voices Within: Project 180, November 5, 2016

Only 3 comments from the kiddos this week.  Had a good week in 211. Can’t believe it’s November. Have a great weekend, all.

“Hey, Sy, I love the speech idea because you are giving us guidelines on what we need to include, but you are also giving us freedom to choose what we want to write about, what’s important to us, and what we feel strongly about. This not only allows us to express ourselves and how we feel but also it provides learning opportunities to expand our knowledge and LA skills.” –Anonymous

Anonymous, I am glad that you see the benefit to the approach. I am excited to work with you all on your speeches. One of my favorite projects of the year.

“I think the other people who are complaining about the little tasks in your class need to calm down because this class has the least amount of work. Just because it’s a free A, it doesn’t mean it’s a free ride.” –Anonymous

Anonymous, well, not sure I could say it any better. May well be, it’s better coming from you anyway.

“Hey, Sy. I think that you giving us feedback on our learning habits through the Learning Logs is a great way for us to see what you think. For me at least, it was cool to see your opinion, and it made me realize you see and notice more about my learning style than I do, and that made me feel like you truly are doing your part as a teacher, and I appreciate that a lot! Thanks, Sy.” –Anonymous

Anonymous, I am thankful that my feedback made a difference for you. I am looking forward to finishing up the midterm progress reports with you all this week. Hard to believe we through the first quarter already..




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