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Under the Weather: Project 180, Day 71

Ugh. Sick. Should stay home. No subs. Last day I see the kids for two weeks. Can’t be gone. Guess I will just overdose on cold medicine…

Yesterday I mentioned that we are watching a movie for the final two days before we go on holiday. The kids selected How the Grinch Stole Christmas. And while they were seemingly engaged and entertained, this may be the last time I show a movie before the holidays. A follower on Twitter, who is a parent and a strong parent advocate in education, Elise Foster sent me a link for alternatives to showing movies, alternatives that are more fitting for school and more engaging for kids. I have only given it a quick preview, but it looks promising; it looks to have the potential to be my next “better.” Thank you for the nudge, Elise.

We will still finish out The Grinch today. I already promised the kids we would. And to be frank, I may only have enough energy to push play today anyway. Sometimes, it’s just about survival; today is one of those times.

Today’s Trail

Along today’s trail we will…

…begin with Smiles and Frowns.

…finish The Grinch.

…end with a Sappy Sy Rhyme.

Happy Tuesday, all. And happy holidays, too. Won’t post again now till we start back up in January. Thank you, all, for your support this past year. Means everything. Thank you.

Do. Reflect. Do Better.

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