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Welcome Back: Project 180, Day 131

Though I enjoyed every single minute of the break, and tried to be just Monte Syrie, instead of Mr. Syrie, I missed the kids. I always do. We have a lot to get done in the next 50 days, but we won’t get it all done today. So I won’t act like the world’s on fire. Yes, there’s some urgency to get to a certain point in the curriculum; yes, there’s some urgency with the SBA beginning next week, but those urgent matters are not all that matters. Kids matter. They will be tired from break. They will need some time and support to readjust to their crazy schedules. So we will ease back into it. They will have time to continue working on their speeches, and I will be available to help in whatever way I can. I will also have time to reconnect with them, maybe even “flip a kid or two” while I am at it.

Importantly, I have to remember, too, as they come off of break, they only have a week until the testing madness begins and continues till June. ¬†Glad we didn’t have to throw them into that fire the day after break.

On another note, began a little bit of networking with some other teachers here in Washington and across the nation who are on their own gradeless journeys, and I am excited and energized to learn more about their journeys as I continue mine, hopefully for years to come. Thank you, Aaron Blackwelder for your words of wisdom and encouragement. Our travels brought us together at an opportune time. Thank you.

Happy Monday, all. Glad to be back.

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