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When Paths Cross: Project 180, Day 152

Why We’re Gradeless


Read an inspiring and affirming article by Aaron Blackwelder yesterday, “Why We’re Gradeless,” (link above). He and Arthur Chiaravalli have begun a blog, Teachers Going Gradeless, and I am beyond thrilled to have access to their great minds and to benefit from their helpful resources as I continue my own gradeless journey. I became connected to Aaron, another Washington State teacher, through Twitter. And though our connection has been brief and our experiences limited, he came to me at a pivotal stage of Project 180, a stage where I am looking back over my own journey this year in anticipation and preparation for next year. I look forward to continuing our connection around this important topic into the future.

It’s been a lonely journey, and it’s been nice to find companions out here on the trail. Thank you, Aaron Blackwelder, Arthur Chiaravalli, Gary Chu, Jen Doucette, Tish Mullen, Dean Haakenson, and Katie Budrow for your insight and wisdom. It brings some comfort and gives some hope to this weary traveler. Thank you. And another thank you to Aaron for presenting an opportunity to possibly share some of my Project 180 journey on your blog. Looking forward to it.

Happy Tuesday, all.


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