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Among the Living: Morning Minutes, March 25, 2016

Finally feeling less terrible.  Enough so, that I will be back among the living today. Of course, what’s lost is lost, and I can’t turn back time, but I will do my best to salvage what is left and get us moving forward again. I am just thankful to be back, doing what I do, because the past days have been a miserable, purposeless existence. Not sure what I would do without the best job in the world.  Truly.  Lost without it.

However, being gone wasn’t a total loss, for I had lots of time to think about the not-necessarily-sane journey I plan to take over the next two years in 219.  Too early to reveal yet, but present planning suggests the possibility of two books and a re-imagined purpose of my blog.  I am excited to move forward with this as I gather the necessary materials to not only get started with but also continue my journey over the months to come . Of course, I plan to lean on my faithful few who have taken to following me in the short time my blog has been around.  Thank you, all.  I am truly inspired and energized by your continued support. Can’t do it without you.

For now, though, I am just going to focus on getting things back to normal in 219.  I will reveal the plan by the end of the year.  Have a lot of homework to do first.

Happy Friday, all.  A big shout out to my teaching partner Jenna Tamura.  Thank you for taking care of things in my absence. You are the best.



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