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Are You Kidding Me?: Morning Minutes, March 28, 2016


Ugh.  Reaching the point of ridiculousness! So, turns out I now have pneumonia.  Feeling considerably awful Saturday morning, I went to the doctor–enough was enough.  Well, after listening to my lungs, doc thought I might have pneumonia, and he ordered x-rays.  Yep.  Pneumonia.  Right side.  His diagnosis determined that I had started out with a good old case of influenza, which then led to a secondary infection–pneumonia. Good news?  Finally knew what was ailing me and now had the right drugs to fight it.  Bad news? Long recovery. How long? Varies by individual.  Sweet. Well, this individual is going to try to make it back tomorrow, but that strategy failed twice last week. So, maybe I should play it day by day. Ugh, indeed.

Mustering what little strength I had yesterday, I crawled up to school to get sub plans done.  I left my kids an apology on the white board, but whatever little sympathy that bought me will go out the window once they learn they have to write an essay today.  Another essay!? Someday they will thank me.

Happy Monday, all.  Check in with you tomorrow morning.

5 Replies to “Are You Kidding Me?: Morning Minutes, March 28, 2016”

  • If you don’t just relax, you may not make it back before Spring Break. Sleep, man, sleep! You are fighting something that is stronger then you, hence the antibiotics. Rest and LOTS of clear liquids will help you mend.

  • Get better soon Syrie! Even though we have to write an essay, we will miss you! Class isn’t half as fun without you as the teacher.

  • Sy,

    I dare you: take off the whole week. Unless magically you do get better in a few days, coming back when you aren’t ready is just gonna make you sicker, longer.

    We’ve had substitutes before, and while we don’t particularly enjoy them, we understand that sometimes we have to have them. We can make a few sacrifices for you after you’ve make so many for us.

    Please, find a few movies to watch, get plenty of sleep, and drink water. I would say don’t worry about us, but I know that we’ll be on your mind probably the whole time. So maybe you can be comforted by that fact that our other teachers are here, the ones we are used to. If we need any help, they can help us figure it out.

    We’re gonna miss you on the team back here are school, but we just want you to feel better.

    Try to have a splendid day!

    • Wow, that is indeed a challenge. And while I see the wisdom in your words, Kiersten, I am not sure I am up to your challenge. Just thinking about gives me anxiety. It would certainly take me out of my comfort zone. As I said, we’ll take it day by day. Thank you for the words of encouragement and understanding. They bring me some peace of mind. Thank you.

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