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In Their Own Words: Calling Out Injustice

Happy Monday, all.  Many of you may remember that my students last year prepared and presented injustice speeches. You may remember, too, that I was quite proud and pleased with their products and performances. Even more, a few may remember my mentioning that we were going to try to put together a “highlight video,” if you will, showcasing students’ topics and positions on their self-selected injustice topics. Well, I am pleased to announce, due entirely to the hard work of Ms. Kiersten Gasper, that said video is now complete, and I have posted it below.

To provide some context and explanation, the kids were asked to share a line from their speeches, a line that they felt captured the essence of their message. Sadly due to logistics and time running out on us, we were only able to get about a third of all students to contribute. Still, we felt it was enough to put the piece together. As you watch the video, please keep in mind that you will not have the full context or specific topic from each student’s speech, but what you will have is a thoughtful, honest perception from this generation.  I am so proud of my kids. Enjoy.

Thank you, Kiersten for your all your hard work and expertise. Couldn’t have done it without you, kiddo. Thank you for “living into the A” I gave you in June for your final Independent Learning Project.



2 Replies to “In Their Own Words: Calling Out Injustice”

  • Thank you Kiersten for taking the time to do this! It turned out great! Sy, thank you for allowing us to share our opinion of the things that need to change in this world and to have a voice. Thank you for allowing us our moment to share. I feel like this video does a great job summarizing all the speeches that were given and I hope that this video can help your future students do even better. I’m so glad I could be a part of your class last year. Keep up the great work super Syrie!

  • I am truly happy that you had us participate in the project. It came out great and it opened a lot of eyes. This video was truly amazing. Thank you Kiersten! Also thanks Sy for introducing this project to us and challenging us with it. I do believe you should do it with your class this year.

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