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Let’s Talk: Project 180, Day 48

Back to business on this short week. I always call the time between Halloween and winter break the silly season because there are many breaks and interruptions. And while one part of me does like a little extra time off, another part bemoans the lack of consistency and continuity in the classroom. But, in the end, it simply is what it is, and we do our best with what we have. This week our “best” comes in the form of midterm conferences between the kids and me. I get to devote time to each kid, one of my favorite things to do–maybe one of the most important things I do. Of course, the trick is making the time in a world where time’s short, the task lists long.  I do my best, but it’s not always enough.

Here is a look at the week ahead.

  1. Progress reports. Last week I offered  my observations on where I believe each kid is situated within the habits/behaviors outlined in the Super-Student Profile, ranging from “hardly ever” to “almost always.” On Friday, along with the preface that my judgment was based on observation/perception alone, I handed the Learning Logs back to the kids, asking them to consider my input and then provide their own in regards to the 15 profile components. Today, we will begin the process of sitting side-by-side and completing the Super-Student Standard form. We are targeting four standards, looking to evidence as indicators of both performance and confidence with the standards. Once complete, each will take it home to share with parents, returning it once signed. The plan is to finish by the end of the period tomorrow, but I have a hunch that it will bleed into next week. We’ll see. Time is less important than the chance to sit and talk with each kid.
  2. My Choice. Mondays and Tuesdays have become “My-Choice” days. The kids are currently making progress with their blogs and speeches. Each week I quickly give direction and add elements to each project, and then I relinquish the role of leader and put on my supporter hat. This week, I will not don my supporter hat because I will be engaged with kids as we complete progress reports. I count on this time for that. The kids will have to be self-reliant this week.
  3. The Book Thief. We watched the first segment last week and the kids began their team analyses of the segment, looking through the accuracy, perspective, and impact lenses. I will give them some time to complete their analyses before starting the next segment. My hope is that we can complete viewing and analyzing two more segments  this week. But, we’ll see. As with anything, this, too, takes time.

And that’s our week. Gonna go fast. Super excited to sit with kids today and talk with them about their learning. For me, it’s the best part of the journey.

Happy Monday, all.


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