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Morning Minutes: January 4, 2016

Good morning, all.  So, it’s officially begun, a journey to better education in anyway that I can for the next twenty years. Not satisfied with what I accomplished in my first twenty, I am newly committed and energized to help change the narrative on public education, helping it evolve to better deliver the promise of hope and opportunity to the young who inhabit a new, ever-changing world.  And, so, as with any journey, it begins with a step.  This is my first step.  And while the journey will no doubt be lonely at times, I take comfort in knowing that some will join me along the way as I cross paths with those who too share a passion for improving education.  I am eager to encounter and share your company somewhere down the road.

Today, my journey takes me back to room 219, where we will begin to change the landscape of learning.  And though I want to change it all now–right now, I will exercise patience and be sure to enjoy each new vista along the way.  And, so, we will begin with a conversation about where we want to go next, and how we want to get there.  I talked a lot last month about putting kids in the driver’s seat, and today I will ensure that my walk matches my talk as I ask the kids to decide (student choice) where we will go with our next independent learning project.  Today, I will walk the walk. Today, I will do different. Today, I will change education.














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