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Panel of Wisdom: Project 180, Day 153

Held another teacher panel last night for my college kids. That makes 15 panels over the last 5 years. So grateful to have colleagues who are willing to support the next generation of teachers. It is always the highlight of the quarter for my education students who are just entering the program at Eastern Washington University. It’s kinda cool that three on the panel were former students in the same class. I was proud to have them sitting on the other side of the room, sharing their own early wisdom. Thank you Ms. Root, Ms. Frucci (former student), Ms. Alderete (former student), Ms. Tamura (been on all 15 panels), Mr. Arensemeyer, Ms. Hatcher, Ms. Hoerner (former student), and Mr. ¬†Picicci (not pictured) for your passion and dedication to our profession, inside and outside your classrooms. You made the quarter for 18 young, soon-to-be teachers. Thank you for your wise words.

In other news, all my kids are finally done with the ELA part of the SBA this year. And as numbers continue to trickle in (I have results for 65 of 84 kids) I am so pleased with the kids’ performances. I am eager to share percentages, but I am going to wait until I have all 84 in. Hopefully by the end of the week.

We will begin speeches today. Excited to see kids in their moments.

Happy Wednesday, all. Hope you find some sunshine today.

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