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But a Piece: Project 180, Day 46

There’s always one. There’s always that one class that stands out among the others. It’s hard to put a finger on exactly what makes it stand out, but it does nonetheless. It’s as if the mix is just right, and the kids create a culture of their own, give life to their own identity. For me, this year, that is my 5th period class. But in the beginning, I would not have thought it so. No, for they were my biggest bunch of “passers” during Smiles and Frowns, and I even recall finding them a bit lame, much without character. But my first impressions were wrong, and as we have gotten on, they have become…well, that class.

Earlier this week, they were unusually chatty, and I let them go on, but at the end, I composed a special Sappy Sy Rhyme in response, which I regrettably did not save. In the short rhyme, I mildly–jokingly–admonished them for their “talkiness.” The next day, I walked in a minute late to discover in my tardiness that they had conspired, and they had all taken a vow of silence, not uttering a peep during roll, just nodding their heads. And then they attempted to do the same during Smiles and Frowns, but for some it became too much, and by the time it got around to Moses their vow was broken. But the score was settled. They had gotten even.

Then yesterday, after posting here about my absence the day before and my simply being a tag along in their journeys ( Tag Along ), I discovered the note from my 5th period kiddos in the picture below.


It was my first smile of the day. And it became an even bigger smile, when I read the notes from my sub, who corroborated their story.


Yes, they went off the path that I had set before them, but they ended where I needed them to be. And, even more, they owned it. And I love that. And I told them so. It was perhaps my favorite moment of the year. My big smile, a smile that grew even more upon learning that all my classes had demanded to begin with Smiles and Frowns, even though I had not made mention of it to the sub. I even discovered that they had added it to the list of to-do’s on the whiteboard. In addition, I also learned from my colleague across the hall that 5th period had ended with our Mindset Mantra, saying it loudly and proudly enough that she could hear it across the hall.

We are valued members of this community.

We are readers.

We are writers.

We are learners.

We are awesome!


Yes. Yes, you are. You are awesome. And…you owe me a stool.

Such a happy moment for me yesterday. I am both proud and pleased that the culture that we have been working to build over the past forty-five days has begun to come together. Each class its own puzzle of mixed and varied pieces fitting together in ways both imagined and unforeseen. And I am but a piece. I am one fit, one part of their marvelous mosaic, and I value beyond words the small space they have granted me as I continue to tag along.

Today’s Trail

Along today’s trail we will…

…begin with Smiles and Frowns.

…engage in Community Circle (always first Friday of the month).

…end with a Sappy Sy Rhyme.

Happy Friday, all. Have a great weekend. Finally got some sleep last night.

Do. Reflect. Do Better.

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