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Plans: Project 180, Day 82

Unfortunately, things don’t always go as planned, so when they don’t, we have to adjust and modify; in short, we have to roll with it. Our snow day yesterday, kinda messed things up. We are at the end of the semester, and we are on a tight schedule to wrap things up before then. And now a day later and shorter, we will be scrambling to get our Memory Projects done on time. Beyond losing time, we have now also lost a valuable resource in computer access. As a department, we share Chromebooks and the other classes’ needs are no-less important than ours, so there is little flexibility–understandably. So, we will…

Wait, just found out that we are on 2 hour delay. Now we’re really in a tight spot. Hard to roll with it, when the wheels fall off. Dang it. Oh, well. Nothing we can do about it. We’ll do what we can. Most importantly, I don’t want to over-stress the kids. I do have control over that.

Happy Thursday, all.

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