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Self-image, Siblings, and Knees: Morning Minutes, February 2, 2016

Yesterday in 219 kids began presenting their projects for round 2 of the independent learning projects.  Each month my kids are challenged to pursue an independent path of learning, following very simple criteria:

  1. Choose a topic of genuine interest.
  2. Pose a question.
  3. Search for an answer.
  4. Create a product that demonstrates learning.
  5. Share learning with the class.

Below are a few examples of some of my students’ pursuits.  I am so proud of their work, work that i had nothing to do with.  Last week,  after a sneak, preview peak of some of the products that my students created (one of them Meghan’s movie below), a parent contacted me, applauding my efforts, commenting that she was pleased to see that I was “still working [my] magic and moving kids to do great things!”  I thanked her for the kind words, but informed her that the only thing I had done was give students the opportunity to discover their own magic.  Yesterday, they shared their magic.  I cannot wait to see what tricks they perform today.

Have a great Tuesday, all.  If you didn’t see it last night, here’s a link to a post outlining some changes to the blog .

Parting Questions

  1. For all, when you reflect on your experiences in school, what was a project you loved or hated? Why?
  2. For teachers, when you reflect on the projects that your students have done in the past, what do you consider the marks of a successful project?  An unsuccessful project?

Thank you for joining the conversation.  Your words matter.


File_000 (6)
Nika’s investigation into how siblings affect us.
File_000 (11)
Amarise’s quest to better understand knee injuries.




3 Replies to “Self-image, Siblings, and Knees: Morning Minutes, February 2, 2016”

  • Group and partner assigned projects. It seemed that projects were rarely done as an individual. Honestly having to work in a group or with a partner frequently held me back. I realize that a lot of people like group and partner projects. I did not. I also know that we have to learn to get along with others and work together in the real grown up world. In order for that to happen, some group or partner projects are necessary, but it seemed like an extremely rare opportunity in which I got to work alone and fly with my own ideas! I LONGED for projects I could do on my own!!!

  • I dreaded speech class. It was a class we needed for credits to graduate. It was a class that took me out of my comfort zone. We would be given topics ,or could select our own. I would most always take a given and wait until the last minute to prepare, ending up not prepared at all to stand in front of my class to present. I did get through the class but it never got any easier.

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