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Sick Day: Morning Minutes, February 11, 2016

Morning.  Probably should have stayed home with her yesterday, but today I have little choice, so I will stay home with my lovely daughter as she works through this latest round of crud going around.  That said, I am struggling with what I am going to have my students do in 219 today.  I don’t let subs teach, but I hate to give busy work, too.  The problem with doing things your way, is it’s tough to do them when you’re gone.  Not sure I could do it any differently, though.  As the teachers who are reading this know, being gone is a lot harder than being there.  I’ll dream up something in the next hour or two.  I suppose in the end my students will survive without me.  They always do.  Sobering thoughts for a self-imagined superhero.



2 Replies to “Sick Day: Morning Minutes, February 11, 2016”

  • They survive but they’ll miss you!
    I’m having to look ahead for maternity leave and that time away will be scary. We start school in August and I’m due September! Typically, mothers take at least three months off. Hoping to find a certified English teaching sub to at least try to move the students along. Stressful thinking!

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