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Storm a Brewin’: Project 180, Day 104

Losing sleep. There is a disturbance on the horizon of my conscience, and I am not sure I can let it go. In fact, now that I have said it, made it public, I am positive I won’t be able to ignore the gathering clouds on my horizon. As we stand on the eve of this year’s round of standardized testing, I find myself deeply troubled and disturbed by this continuing trend in education, and while I have been largely quiet about–and, at times, even supportive of–the standardized testing movement, I have arrived at a point where I can no longer stand idly by without raising some objections, some concerns about the path we are on. Of course, I have felt this way for some time, but it’s a delicate matter for one in my position, ┬áso I have bitten my public tongue for years. But I can remain quiet no longer. The storm is building. I know it’s coming. And now I can’t stop it. But not today. The clouds are not yet ripe for the burst. But a storm is coming. Just wanted to give you the forecast.

Happy Friday, all. Have a great weekend.

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