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The First Step

After years of thinking about it and recently being challenged to complete an independent learning project with my students, I have started my own blog, a blog dedicated to changing education–one word at a time.  And while I have many words to share, I cannot do it alone.  I need your help.  Your words count.  Truly.  Let’s do it, then.  Let’s change education.

4 Replies to “The First Step”

  • Sy!!! This is an awesome idea. I’m glad you are doing this new adventure. SOOO to pose a question. To better education… We obviously must include politics correct? What do you think about privatizing the education system? Or have the government less involved in education? Also id like to add that you, Syrie, were one of my all time favorite teachers and I became more confident in myself because of the way you taught. 🙂

  • ….and so the world FINALLY learns of one man’s grandiose yet incredibly simple idea about how to affect change in a society that often does not have honest conversations about the state of education in our country. Words. Just words. Who knew?

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